Why Choose CTT?

1896337What makes CTT different than other certification programs?  Why should I join your program?

Responsibility. The traditional school’s approach is to fulfill their obligation by having you attend their classes.  Once the classes are over, or your time runs out, so does their responsibility.  There are no assurances that you will pass all of your tests.  CTT will follow you through the complete process of obtaining your certifications.  Our job isn’t done until you are!
How can your prices be so low and you provide so much?
We can provide so much at a significantly lower price because CTT is an independent technology training center.  Because we are independent, we don’t have to pay franchise fees or fees to third-party vendors to deliver our program.  We can focus on more important issues such as the quality of our program and what you will need to be successful.  This allows us to deal with the needs of the individual, and to remain more objective.

I can’t learn from books or just independent study.  I need to get my hands on something to really feel like I’ve learned it.  What do you offer for that?

CTT is a BIG believer in hands-on practice.  We are open 7 days a week for your access to our labs.  We offer live practice – not just simulation – because we all learn from our mistakes.  We are not a “certification mill” and you will never be a “paper” certified professional.
I don’t have a lot of experience.  Will I feel left behind the others? How much knowledge should I have before I begin?
Starting something new is usually a bit intimidating.  Knowing the proper place to begin and doing the proper preparation is the key to feeling more comfortable.  Visit us at CTT and we will suggest the best place to begin.  We will assist and advise you of all considerations before you decide on any program.  We will not just take your money and leave you on your own.  Our consultation is free of charge, will take approximately 30 minutes, and will help to resolve all of your concerns.
What’s the basis of your methodology?
Upon your enrollment, you will meet with our Director or Administrator for an orientation, and to discuss any special needs you might require to successfully achieve your goals.  You will also receive your class materials and be required to do some pre-class study before meeting your instructor on the first day of class.  After your instructor-led sessions, you will prepare for the respective exam.  We will have you do independent lab studies to gain a feeling of competency with what you have done in class.  Follow this with simulated test practice, attend a review session, and take the actual exam with confidence.
We are so sure you will pass every test on the first try that we will pay for it if you don’t!