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Learn what it takes to get your certification and advance your career in Web CIW.

While our "Web Foundations" course is designed for beginners with little to no prior experience, subsequent courses like "HTML/CSS Specialist" and "User Interface Designer" benefit from a basic understanding of web technologies. However, each course will provide all the essential knowledge needed to succeed.

Absolutely! We believe in a holistic learning approach. Along with theoretical knowledge, our CIW courses incorporate practical projects and real-world scenarios to ensure students gain hands-on experience, making them job-ready upon course completion.

At CTT, our support extends beyond course completion. Graduates benefit from a one-on-one personalized experience and connections to our instructors, who are active professionals in the industry with real-world experience. This network offers opportunities for further vendor-specific certifications and continuous learning, ensuring skills remain relevant in the rapidly evolving web domain.

Career Paths

CTT School Career Levels

Begin your IT journey with foundational courses tailored for those new to the field, ensuring a solid understanding of the essentials.

Build upon your basic knowledge, diving deeper into specialized topics and techniques that are crucial for mid-level professionals.

Step into specific job roles with targeted learning paths, acquiring the precise skills and insights needed to excel in specialized positions.

Master the complexities of IT by diving into expert-level content, equipping you for leadership roles and niche specializations in the industry.

Web CIW Track

Unleash your creative potential with CIW's Web programs. Whether it's HTML/CSS, UI design, or social media strategy, take the first step towards web mastery now!

  • 01

    Step 1

    Enroll in your chosen CIW Web course, be it "Web Foundations" for a foundational grasp, or a specialized track like "HTML/CSS Specialist" or "User Interface Designer" to delve deeper into specific web domains.

  • 02

    Step 2

    Complete the course curriculum, making the most of hands-on projects, expert-led sessions, and CTT's resources. Once ready, register and prepare for the official CIW certification exam to validate and showcase your newfound skills.

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