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Learn what it takes to get your certification and advance your career in the infrastructure and cloud path.

Infrastructure & Cloud computing refers to the delivery of computing services—including storage, processing power, databases, networking, software, and more—over the Internet ("the cloud"). This allows for scalable, on-demand IT resources without the direct management or ownership of physical hardware.

Traditional IT infrastructure often requires substantial upfront investment in physical hardware and ongoing maintenance. In contrast, cloud computing utilizes shared resources to provide computing services, allowing businesses to pay only for what they use and scale resources as needed without investing in or managing physical infrastructure.

Typically, foundational certifications in Infrastructure & Cloud can take a few weeks to months, while advanced ones might require several months to a year. Exact timelines vary based on the certification and individual commitment. At CTT We also only charge you once for the exams and you can take as long as you need to pass it!

Career Paths

CTT School Career Levels

Begin your IT journey with foundational courses tailored for those new to the field, ensuring a solid understanding of the essentials.

Build upon your basic knowledge, diving deeper into specialized topics and techniques that are crucial for mid-level professionals.

Step into specific job roles with targeted learning paths, acquiring the precise skills and insights needed to excel in specialized positions.

Master the complexities of IT by diving into expert-level content, equipping you for leadership roles and niche specializations in the industry.

Infrastructure & Cloud Track

Empower Your Future

  • 01

    Step 1

    Dive into the foundational concepts of Infrastructure & Cloud, unlocking a world where technology drives innovation

  • 02

    Step 2

    Progress through intermediate to advanced modules, mastering the tools and techniques essential for a promising career in cloud solutions and infrastructure management.

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