Frequently Asked Questions

0What happens to my classes should my work schedule change, or I need to have different days and times for my classes?
CTT Program: Our system is designed to coordinate with your hectic lifestyle. CTT is open 7 days a week – during the day, evening, and weekends. We are a modular system- not semesters or a cyclical system, so your class schedule will adapt to your needs. The typical CTT class size is 4 to 6 students. Our students who may need a specific class may request it, and we will coordinate days and times convenient to all. This is a benefit unheard of in the training industry.
Others: Usually, other programs have rigid and inflexible schedules. If your needs change their programs may not be so accommodating. Your entire investment may be in jeopardy.I have been to other schools where my class was cancelled just before it was due to start. The school stated they didn’t have enough students for the class.

CTT Program: We will NEVER cancel a class due to low attendance. Our class size is designed to be small! And, if our class attendance exceeds our maximum we schedule another class.

I was enrolled in a program where they said they would pay for the tests I didn’t pass, but then I found out there was a limit to the number of retakes.CTT: Pass the test or we pay. Period.We at CTT are proud of our industry renowned “First Time Pass” policy. Simply stated, if you follow our method and fail the exam we pay for you to take it again. There are no limits to the number of retakes and there is no “fine print”.

Pass the test or we pay until you do!

What Are The Program Resources?

CTT: Current, Quality Manuals; Instructor-Led Classes; Unlimited Hands-on Practice; Online Classes; CBT Videos, Simulated Testing; One-on-One Tutorial Sessions; Review Sessions; Free Licensed Software Downloads; Study Groups; and more…

Other Programs: Do they have actual classes with instructors or is it a “mentor” system?  Do they have true hands-on practice in a live environment or is it simulation – or very limited practice – or just a CBT (computer-based training) self-taught program? What real assurances do they offer?

Who Are The Instructors?

CTT: CTT instructors are certified in what they instruct and working professionals with practical real-world experience, knowledge, skills, and insight.

At other institutes, are the instructors certified in what they teach or are they certified in yesterday’s technology? How much real-world experience do they have, or are they academic trainers with little or no experience – or just slightly more knowledgeable than you?

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