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Accelerate Your Career and Knowlege of Database Technologies

Database certifications are the engines that power IT careers, equipping professionals with the credentials to excel as database administrators, data engineers, and more. At CTT Technical School, we guide you through the maze of certifications to enhance your skills in database administration, management systems, and software development, all pivotal in today’s data-driven landscape.

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Explore Azure Certifications at CTT School

At CTT School, we offer a comprehensive range of courses designed to empower you in the world of data management and engineering. Whether you’re starting as a Database Administrator or aspiring to become a Data Engineer, our programs provide the knowledge and expertise needed to succeed in these roles. With hands-on training and guidance from industry experts, you’ll transition seamlessly from managing databases to mastering data engineering.

  • Azure Data Fundamentals Certification: This certification is an excellent starting point for those new to data processing and cloud data services, offering foundational knowledge and skills in Azure data services.

  • Azure Database Administrator Certification: Ideal for database professionals, this certification focuses on managing and implementing data solutions in Microsoft Azure, including managing databases and SQL server instances.

  • Azure Data Engineer Certification: Tailored for data professionals, this certification equips you with the skills to design and implement data storage, data processing, and data security solutions on Azure.

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Dive into Data with Our Azure Data Certifications at CTT School, Tampa


Data is the new gold in this digital era, and mastering data management and analytics is crucial for any tech professional. At CTT School in Tampa, we’re excited to offer a suite of Azure Data certifications designed to equip you with in-demand skills in the data domain. Our courses, including Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals, Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure, and  Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure, cover a broad spectrum of data concepts and technologies.

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1. Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals (Foundations)

Who is it for? It is Ideal for beginners in data science and those looking to understand foundational data concepts and Azure data services.

What You Will Learn:

  • Core data concepts, like relational and non-relational data, big data, and analytics.
  • Introduction to Azure data services and how they work within the Azure cloud ecosystem.
  • Basic skills in cloud data management and processing.

Why This Certification? is a perfect starting point for anyone looking to build a career in data. It lays the groundwork for understanding Azure’s data services and sets the stage for more advanced Azure data certifications.

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2. Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure (Administration)

Who is it for? It is tailored for database administrators and data professionals managing data in the cloud.

What You Will Learn:

  • Managing and implementing relational data services in Azure.
  • Security, performance, and availability of data in Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance.
  • Techniques for optimizing and automating data solutions on Azure.

Why This Certification? This course is essential for those who aim to excel in database administration specifically in Azure environments, enhancing your skills in managing cloud-based database systems.

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3. Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure (Engineer)

Who is it for? It Designed for data engineers and professionals dealing with data processing and integration.

What You Will Learn:

  • Implementing and designing data storage solutions.
  • Managing and developing data processing.
  • Monitoring and optimizing data solutions on Azure.

Why This Certification? It delves into the specifics of data engineering on Azure, making it crucial for professionals looking to specialize in data processing, storage, and analytics within the Azure ecosystem.

Take the Next Step in Your Data Career at CTT School, Tampa

Whether you’re just starting your journey in data or looking to deepen your expertise, our Azure Data certifications pave the way for a thriving career in this exciting field.

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Master Azure Database Management at CTT School

CTT School’s Microsoft Azure Database Certifications provide an unparalleled opportunity to gain expertise in a wide range of technologies and skills essential for modern database management. By undertaking these certifications, you will become proficient in:

    • Azure SQL Database: Master the capabilities of Azure SQL Database, learning how to implement, manage, and scale cloud relational databases. This includes understanding database migration, backup strategies, and performance tuning.

    • Azure Cosmos DB: Delve into Azure Cosmos DB to manage NoSQL databases. Gain skills in building and optimizing scalable and globally distributed applications, understanding partitioning, consistency, and multi-model database implementations.

    • Data Lake Storage and Analytics: Learn to utilize Azure Data Lake Storage for big data analytics. This involves managing large-scale data storage, understanding data lake architecture, and integrating with various analytics services.

    • Azure Synapse Analytics: Become proficient in using Azure Synapse Analytics for enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics solutions, including data integration, exploration, and visualization.

    • Azure Database for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB: Acquire skills in managing open-source databases on Azure, focusing on deployment, scaling, and security aspects of PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB.

    • Azure Data Factory and Azure Databricks: Master data integration and transformation using Azure Data Factory, and get hands-on experience with big data processing using Azure Databricks.

    • Azure Data Security and Compliance: Understand the critical aspects of data security in Azure, including data encryption, auditing, and compliance policies aligned with industry standards.

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In the constantly evolving field of IT, database certifications stand as a testament to your expertise and dedication to growth. CTT Technical School’s certification pathways are meticulously curated to ensure you’re equipped with the in-demand skills that employers seek.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Database Certification

For the Azure Data Fundamentals Certification, there are no specific prerequisites; it's suitable for beginners. However, for the Azure Database Administrator and Data Engineer Certifications, a basic understanding of database concepts and cloud computing is recommended. We provide guidance to help you assess if you're ready for these courses.

The duration varies for each course. The Azure Data Fundamentals course can be completed in a few weeks, as it's an introductory level certification. The Azure Database Administrator and Data Engineer courses are more comprehensive and generally take a few months to complete, including preparation and examination time.

Yes, at CTT School, we understand the need for flexible learning options. We offer both online and in-person training sessions for all our Azure certification courses, allowing you to choose the format that best suits your learning style and schedule.

Absolutely! CTT offers entry-level certifications that allow you to build foundational skills, as well as advanced options for more experienced IT professionals.

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