Corporate Training

0CTT will train your employees for Microsoft Network, Database, Office & Business Applications, Cyber Security, Linux, A+ PC Repair, Web Design, Cisco, PMP, and others.What makes CTT different than other corporate training centers? Why should our company choose CTT?

Responsibility!  We will train your employees until they pass each certification exam and they are certified.  If proficiency and not certification is the goal, we will train your employees until they are comfortable and confident with all course objectives.

How can your prices be so low and you provide so much?

We can provide so much, at a significantly lower price, because CTT is an independent post-secondary technology school. As a family-owned and operated school, don’t pay franchise fees or dependent on other institutions to deliver our programs.  We can focus on more important issues such as the quality of our program and what your employees will need to be successful.  This permits us to deal with the needs of the individual, and to have academic freedom.

While enrolled at other schools our company has had classes cancelled because the school did not have enough students signed up to attend. What is your policy regarding that?

CTT will never cancel your class once confirmed, based on the number of students attending.  One of the many benefits of our program is an exceptionally small class size.  We have provided individual instruction when necessary to accommodate our corporate client’s needs.  We are also very flexible when scheduling classes, and we will do so quickly – usually within a week to ten days notice following enrollment.

Are you able to accept my company’s Purchase Order?

Absolutely!  Simply provide the necessary information regarding your company’s FID, account’s payable contact, and PO number and we will confirm your class arrangements within a couple of working days.  No need to advance pay by check or credit card.

CTT has more than 16 instructors on staff and is a Microsoft IT Academy. Not all courses are listed on our website. Should you have a particular need that is not listed here, please contact us for a quote and course description.

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