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Center for technology training
Center for technology training
Students have elevated their careers!

If You Don’t Pass, CTT Pays!

CTT Provides Unlimited Hands-On Training, Adaptable Class Timings, and a 'First Time Pass' Assurance. Students benefit from our retest policy, ensuring they train until they succeed. We proudly offer the convenience of both online and in-classroom learning environments.

  • Small Hands-on Classes
  • Taught by certified, working professionals (in-house or Zoom)
  • Flexible schedules
  • The center is open 7 days per week
  • FTP (First Time Pass) Policy
  • We will pay for any test retakes and retraining if you fail the vendor exam.

25+ Years of excellence

CTT Career and Learning Path

CTT School is your gateway to advanced IT expertise.
Dedicated to empowering your professional trajectory, we curate tailored courses that pave your path in the tech world. Whether you're starting out or scaling up, our comprehensive training modules ensure you're primed for success in every step of your IT career journey. Click the paths below for more details!

Select Your Learning Path

Not sure where to start or where you’re headed next? Explore our learning path diagrams! They offer a clear roadmap of courses and milestones, ensuring you’re always on the right track towards success in your studies.

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CTT Reviews and Ratings

Legacy of Excellence and Achievement

Past students have achieved notable placement rates of up to 99%, 97%, and 98% in subsequent years. Our training empowers individuals in the IT sector, prepping them as "New-Collar Workers" and professionals. We're recognized for excellence in IT training in the Tampa Bay area.


Growth in IT, Security, and Analyst Roles

By 2032, the Information Technology (IT) industry is at the forefront of today's rapidly evolving job market, witnessing unprecedented growth and demand. Key careers in IT include Security Specialists, Cloud Infrastructure Engineers, Analysts, Helpdesk Technicians, Systems Administrators, Project Managers, and more. This surge underscores the pivotal role of IT professionals in shaping the future of business and innovation.


We're the Premier Computer Training School in Tampa to Prepare and Advance Your IT Career

Here at theCenter for Technology Training we provide unlimited hands-on training, adaptable class timings, and a 'First Time Pass' assurance. Students benefit from our retest policy, ensuring they train until they succeed. We proudly offer the convenience of both online and in-classroom learning environments.

  • Master Key Technologies
  • Pursue Better Income Opportunities
  • Unlock Career Growth Potential
  • Taught by Certified Experts
  • Get Certified in Months, Not Years

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Center for technology training CTT School

IT Learning Paths

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Financial Assistance

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Center for technology training

GI Bill & Chapter 31

We honor our veterans by guiding them every step towards a successful IT career.


Mission: Your Success!

We lead in transitioning Chapter 31 and GI Bill® veterans into successful IT careers, tailoring our approach to empower each individual's journey. Earn IT certifications that are in high demand. Our proven methods have helped students be successful for more than 27 years.

  • Become a Certified IT Professional

    There is no need for prior IT training or experience. We offer 1-on-1 mentors to help you succeed and both classes online and in-person to fit your schedule and needs.

  • Take your career to the next level

    Get hands-on training from certified, experienced IT professionals. We help you move into your new career and advance forward.

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  • Veterans Chapter 31 and GI Bill Available. Call Now!
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Our Learning Paths and Training Programs

Center for technology training


At CTT, We Train the Next Generation of IT Professionals

  • Center for technology training

    Custom Learning Path

    You will work with us one-on-one to tailor a plan that fits your ability, schedule, and needs.

  • Center for technology training

    Affordable Technology Training

    learn skills to earn a better income, job stability, career growth, job satisfaction.

  • Center for technology training

    Starting a New Career

    In addition to providing you with the tools you need to succeed, we work with you as long as you need to pass your certifications.


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